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    General panorama of the inhabited village of Revenga. Comunero de Revenga (Burgos)


    Detail of a rock-carved figure at Cueva Andrés, Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)


    General view of the inhabited village of Cuyacabras and the documentation and register works. Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)
  • BIZERTA 1613

    BIZERTA 1613

    Plan of Bizerte. 1613. General Archive of Simancas.


    Galleys in the Mediterranean for the fight against the corsairs of Algiers. General Archive of Simancas.


    Double-headed anthopomorphic tomb excavated at Prados de Bañuelos. Palacios de la Sierra (Burgos)


    Fieldwork at the site of Ausa-Gaztelu, Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa)


    Aerial view of the defensive wall recently found at the medieval village of L’Esquerda (Les Masies de Roda, Osona)
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Welcome to GRAMP.-UB

Medieval and Postmedieval Research Group of the University of Barcelona (GRAMP.-UB) is formed by an interdisciplinary team of different members from national and international institutions and is registered in the Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics at the University of Barcelona. 

Successive works and research projects undertaken lead to the official recognition in 1995 as a Quality Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and it currently is a consolidated research group.

28 October 2019

GRAMP’s researchers participation at the Congress of the Hispanic Digital Humanities Society

The IV Congress of the Hispanic Digital Humanities Society was held last week in Toledo (Spain) and was organized in collaboration with the University of Castilla-La Mancha. GRAMP’s researchers participated in this meeting giving two different talks. Dr. Esther Travé introduced the Database created for the data management of the Torralba files, currently under study, with a talk entitled “Explotación de documentación contable  para ela estudio de las sociedades mercantiles bajomedievales: Ontología del sistema FENIX y gestión integrada de big data”

26 September 2019

Start of the Ceramic Materials Practicum at the Medieval Archaeology Lab

GRAMPUB 2019 09 29 0001With the beginning of the academic year, the Ceramic Materials Practicum offered by our research group has also started. Several students of the Degrees in Archeology and History collaborate with GRAMP researchers in the current inventory and study of materials discovered within the archaeological fieldwork linked to different active research projects. This four-month practicum is recognized a one convalidated credit in their respective degrees.

20 August 2019

Archaeological fieldwork campaign at the site of L’Esquerda

Yesterday we started this summer’s second fieldwork campaign at the site of l’Esquerda. After the work that the students of the archeology degree carried out in July within their Practicum in the sector of the medieval wall, several GRAMP researchers participate in the annual campaign that takes place from yesterday and until August 31st. The intervention is carried out both in the Iberian and medieval trenches.

31 July 2019

GRAMP’s Archaeological fieldwork in the Revenga Village

The GRAMP starts a new archaeological fieldwork campaign, after the end of the work at Santa Margarida, which ended last Friday. We currently are in Revenga (Comunero de Revenga, Burgos), where the excavation in the early-middle-age village goes on. Several sunken-featured buildings and production areas have been found in precious works and will be continued this year. Fieldwork tasks started yesterday and will last until next Saturday, August 10. The objectives of the campaign are to finish, if possible, the trenches opened in previous years and to register the structures cut out onto the rocky floor.

23 October 2019

Attendance and participation of GRAMP’s researchers in the Meeting LRCW7 in Valencia

The 7th Congress on Late Roman Coarse Wares (LRCW7) was held in Valencia. A special session on the 8th Century Pottery was scheuled at the end of this edition. This is a very remarable period of transition between the Ancient and the Meieval World and there are still many research issues to be solved. GRAMP researchers have taken part with a communication about the pottery from Revenga, which is a good example of local and regional networks in some mountainous areas within this period.

18 September 2019

Participation in EMAC 2019

The 15th edition of the European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC 2019) has taken place at the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Barcelona in September 16th to 18th. Some GRAMP researchers, in collaboration with the Centre d'Estudis Martorellencs, attended to the meeting and introduced a research poster entitled "Sampling strategies via statistical exploitation of morphometric date: Maximizing the assets of petrographic examination for a Chronological review at the medieval town of Martorell (Barcelona, Spain)", within the session in honour to Mike Baxter.

12 August 2019

Conference at Revenga and news

This weekend we have finished the annual fieldwork at the site of Revenga. As usually, this last weekend of campaign, the research coordinators and GRAMP researchers, Karen Álvaro and Esther Travé gave a public talk to introduce the obtained results, in front of a considerable number of attendants. Our work in Revenga finished this year with the discovering of new habitat and production structures in trenches excavated in previous years.

16 July 2019

GRAMP’s Archaeological fieldwork in the Site of Santa Margarida

After happily ending the fieldwork carried out at the site of Sant Genís de Rocafort (Martorell) and the Archaeological Practicum at the site of L’Esquerda (Roda de Ter), fieldwork tasks started again at the Site of Santa Margarida last week. This campaign is coordinated by the Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs, in which some GRAMP researchers are active members. Twenty students from different universities take part in the archaeological tasks under the supervision of Alfred Mauri, Rosario Navarro and Esther Travé. Amongst these, some students from the University of Barcelona will develop their practicum within the Degree of Archaeology.

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