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    General panorama of the inhabited village of Revenga. Comunero de Revenga (Burgos)


    Detail of a rock-carved figure at Cueva Andrés, Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)


    General view of the inhabited village of Cuyacabras and the documentation and register works. Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)
  • BIZERTA 1613

    BIZERTA 1613

    Plan of Bizerte. 1613. General Archive of Simancas.


    Galleys in the Mediterranean for the fight against the corsairs of Algiers. General Archive of Simancas.


    Double-headed anthopomorphic tomb excavated at Prados de Bañuelos. Palacios de la Sierra (Burgos)


    Fieldwork at the site of Ausa-Gaztelu, Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa)


    Aerial view of the defensive wall recently found at the medieval village of L’Esquerda (Les Masies de Roda, Osona)
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Welcome to GRAMP.-UB

Medieval and Postmedieval Research Group of the University of Barcelona (GRAMP.-UB) is formed by an interdisciplinary team of different members from national and international institutions and is registered in the Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics at the University of Barcelona. 

Successive works and research projects undertaken lead to the official recognition in 1995 as a Quality Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and it currently is a consolidated research group.

25 June 2019

GRAMP’s Archaeological fieldwork starts in L'Esquerda (Roda de Ter) and Sant Genís de Rocafort (Martorell)

The field season started today, within the summertime. Archaeological excavation tasks began in some of the archaeological sites directed by GRAMP researchers. Students of the Degree of Archeology started their practicum at the site of l'Esquerda (Roda de Ter). They will work in the access area to the Carolingian wall, supervised by Albert Pratdesaba, Esther Travé and Imma Ollich.

In Sant Genís de Rocafort (Martorell), the 2nd fieldwork campaign scheduled in the framework of the four-year research project coordinated by the Centre d'Estudis Martorellecs also started. Pablo del Fresno, Alfred Mauri and Josep Socorregut are the research coordinators of this campaign.

29 April 2019

Open the pre-registration period in the archaeological fieldwork in L’Esquerda (Roda de Ter, Osona)

Registration period for the archaeological fieldwork in l’Esquerda (Roda de Ter, Osona) is now open. The deadline for registration in these campaigns organized by the Fundació Provada l’Esquerda is next June 15th. Several GRAMP researchers, lead fieldwork and archaeological research tasks. Please find the registration form here.

08 April 2019

Experimental pottery firing at the Archaeological Site of Santa Margarida (Martorell)

This past weekend GRAMP took part in the experimental pottery firing that the University of Barcelona and the Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs (CEM) organize each year within the subject Archaeological Methods III, included in the second year of the Degree of Archaeology.

24 January 2019

New publications

We are glad to let you know that our Publications section (view publications) has been updated. Now the results of our latest research are available through the web links to recent published outcomes related to our research lines: Mediterraneum, Landscape Archaeology and Pottery and productive processes

02 May 2019

Open the pre-registration period in the archaeological fieldwork in L’Esquerda (Roda de Ter, Osona)

Until June 7th you can apply for the archaeological excavation campaign that GRAMP carries out at the archaeological site of Revenga. Dr. Karen Álvaro and Esther Travé will lead archaeological fieldwork at this site, which will take place between July 29th and August 11th 2019. Please, find attached the application form. You can fill it and submit it to Dr. Esther Travé (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We will get in touch with selected students after June 17th.

24 April 2019

Registration period for the archaeological fieldwork in Santa Margarida and Sant Genís de Rocafort (Martorell) is now open. The deadline for registration in these campaigns organized by the Centre d’Estudis Martorellencs is next May 30th. Several GRAMP researchers, also CEM members, lead fieldwork and archaeological research tasks. Please find all the information and the registration form at the CEM website.

19 March 2019

International Meeting: "Markets and economic environments in the 15th Century: Merchant Torralba’s World"

We are glad to announce that the International Congress "Markets and economic spaces in the XV century: The world of the merchant Torralba" will be held at the University of Barcelona this coming 2019 May 21st and 22nd. GRAMP will host this meeting as part of the execution of projects FENICE/FÈNIX (HAR2015-65285-R and Recercaixa 2017) The celebration of this congress will become a prime opportunity to share the latest research of the mercantile world in the fifteenth century Mediterranean and to present some results on the ongoing study of Merchant Torralba’s files and accounting books. Please, find attached the schedule of the meeting. You all are welcome!

13 December 2018


GRAMP wants to share recent good news for our team. Two of our team members have received a prize in recent days. On one hand, the Catalan Archaeological Society has awarded the book La ceràmica comuna de cuina d’època medieval: Provinença, tecnologia i comerç al camp català, written by our colleague Esther Travé, with the annual prize Memorial Josep Barberà i Farràs in its 15th edition.

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