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    General panorama of the inhabited village of Revenga. Comunero de Revenga (Burgos)


    Detail of a rock-carved figure at Cueva Andrés, Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)


    General view of the inhabited village of Cuyacabras and the documentation and register works. Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)
  • BIZERTA 1613

    BIZERTA 1613

    Plan of Bizerte. 1613. General Archive of Simancas.


    Galleys in the Mediterranean for the fight against the corsairs of Algiers. General Archive of Simancas.


    Double-headed anthopomorphic tomb excavated at Prados de Bañuelos. Palacios de la Sierra (Burgos)


    Fieldwork at the site of Ausa-Gaztelu, Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa)


    Aerial view of the defensive wall recently found at the medieval village of L’Esquerda (Les Masies de Roda, Osona)
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Welcome to GRAMP.-UB

Medieval and Postmedieval Research Group of the University of Barcelona (GRAMP.-UB) is formed by an interdisciplinary team of different members from national and international institutions and is registered in the Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics at the University of Barcelona. 

Successive works and research projects undertaken lead to the official recognition in 1995 as a Quality Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and it currently is a consolidated research group.

27 April 2021

Recent archaeological fieldwork at the site of Sant Genís de Rocafort

Gramp2021 04 27 001Although few months ago we carried out the 2020 campaign at the Site of Sant Genís, postponed due to the pandemic, over the last few weeks we have been able to carry out the 2021 campaign according to the planned schedule. We started the fieldwork on April 12th and we will close the excavation next Friday 30th

11 November 2020

Participation at the Ceramic Petrology Group Annual Meeting

The Ceramic Petrology Group Annual Meeting is taking place these days. The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge organized this virtual event. GRAMP researchers and members of the GREYWARE project for the study of reducing ceramics in transition periods Esther Travé, Albert Pratdesaba, Joan Vicens and Pablo Del Fresno introduced the main research lines and some preliminary results of this recently-started project to the scientific community.

21 September 2020

Archaeological fieldwork at Sant Genís de Rocafort

Last Friday we conclude the third archaeological fieldwork campaign in the monastery of Sant Genís de Rocafort, led by GRAMP researchers. From September 7th we carried the fieldwork out despite the special circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, as they were delayed according to the initial calendar. The excavation allowed us to know the monastic structures better, and to discover the access stairs to the upper terrace.

19 February 2021

New publications

Gramp 2021 02 19 002We are glad to let you know that our Publications section has been updated. Now the results of our latest research developed in 2019 and 2020 are available through the web links to recent published outcomes. We will outline below some of the most recent ones: Mediterraneum, Landscape Archaeology and Pottery and productive processes.

16 November 2020

Virtual presentation of GREYWARE project at the Pottery Museum of Quart

Last Saturday, November 14th, we introduced the GREYWARE project –recently started at GRAMP– in a virtual act organized by the Pottery Museum of Quart, as part of the activities proposed by Som Cultura and the Science Week. The town of Quart is an emblematic place wherein pottery production is a distinctive and identifying feature. The Pottery Museum of Quart joining this project led by the University of Barcelona will allow us to study and record a reference collection of great relevance for medieval and post-medieval pottery studies in the forthcoming years. This presentation aimed at disseminating the main lines of the project in an informative way to the general public.

04 November 2020

Virtual presentation of GREYWARE project at the Pottery Museum of Quart

This past Tuesday, researchers from GRAMP took part in the 16th Technical Meeting organized by the Catalonian Association of Curators (Conservadors-Restauradors Associats de Catalunya) (CRAC). The meeting focussed on new methods and technologies for heritage preservation and recording. We contributed with a presentation entitled “Recording restoration practices in archaeological sites and building heritage: towards the construction of an information system” by Alfred Mauri, Pablo Del Fresno and Esther Travé.

16 September 2020

Archaeological fieldwork at Campelles Tower

Between 14th and 25th September, GRAMP’s researchers carry out another archaeological fieldwork campaign, this time at Campelles Tower (Ripollès), supervised by Albert Pratdesaba. Again in post-COVID circumstances, small teamwork of three archaeologists work on the outside area of the tower and in consolidation tasks. Research is funded by the Diputació de Girona and the Campelles Town Council.

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