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  • Mediterraneum

    Research line 'Mediterraneum' became one of the main axes of our research group in 2000. Since this line was incorporated, Read More
  • Landscape archaeology

    Research line “Landscape archaeology, peopling processes and habitat environments” is one of the main pillars of our research. Peopling processes Read More
  • Pottery and production processes

    The research line “Analyses of medieval and postmedieval pottery and production processes” aims to enlighten some of the major scientific Read More
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Research line 'Mediterraneum' became one of the main axes of our research group in 2000. Since this line was incorporated, one of the main objectives has been the integration of new researchers to strengthen and consolidate this new line. With this line, we aim to solve the occasionally excessive tendency to specialization and to create new spaces for multidisciplinary dialogue. Accordingly, new researchers from national and international institutions became members of our group in recent years. This contribution is evidenced by bilateral participation in research projects and knowledge transfer actions, common activities for researchers' training and joint publications.

This research progresses within a cooperation framework in the Mediterranean area and it aims to increase the knowledge about European societies and their cultural and economic exchange with the Islamic world, from a long-term perspective.

This research line approaches the study of the Mediterranean from the 'Historical Archaeology'. It does mean that is focused on historical and archaeological expression of cultural landscapes and the Euro-Islamic relationships from the economic, social and cultural perspective, with the final goal of writing an integrated History of the Mediterranean and from the Mediterranean.

Amongst the researchers working in this line, there are some groups from prestigious national and international universities and research centres such as: The University of Grenada, Scientifical Research High Council (CSIC) of Madrid, University of the Balearic Islands, University of Heidelberg, University of Lyon II, University of Strasbourg, University of Catania, University of Florence, University College London, University of Western Ontario, University of Mèknes, University of Oudja, University of Tunis and Mertola Archaeological Site.

The coordinator of this research line is Dr. M. D. López and members of GRAMP.-UB who participate are: Dr. S. Claramunt, Dr. G. Marí and Dr. K. Álvaro, all of them lecturers at the Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics of the University of Barcelona and working alongside our national and international collaborators.