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    General panorama of the inhabited village of Revenga. Comunero de Revenga (Burgos)


    Detail of a rock-carved figure at Cueva Andrés, Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)


    General view of the inhabited village of Cuyacabras and the documentation and register works. Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos)
  • BIZERTA 1613

    BIZERTA 1613

    Plan of Bizerte. 1613. General Archive of Simancas.


    Galleys in the Mediterranean for the fight against the corsairs of Algiers. General Archive of Simancas.


    Double-headed anthopomorphic tomb excavated at Prados de Bañuelos. Palacios de la Sierra (Burgos)


    Fieldwork at the site of Ausa-Gaztelu, Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa)


    Aerial view of the defensive wall recently found at the medieval village of L’Esquerda (Les Masies de Roda, Osona)
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Welcome to GRAMP.-UB

Medieval and Postmedieval Research Group of the University of Barcelona (GRAMP.-UB) is formed by an interdisciplinary team of different members from national and international institutions and is registered in the Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics at the University of Barcelona. 

Successive works and research projects undertaken lead to the official recognition in 1995 as a Quality Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and it currently is a consolidated research group.

19 February 2021

New publications

Gramp 2021 02 19 002We are glad to let you know that our Publications section ( has been updated. Now the results of our latest research developed in 2019 and 2020 are available through the web links to recent published outcomes. We will outline below some of the most recent ones:


You can download the book De Aragón a Venecia. El «Llibre major de comerç de llana blanca amb Itàlia» de la companyia Torralba (1433-1434) at the University of Barcelona Publishing Service’s website: Some other publications on data management and the integration of written and material vestiges are available in different journals in data management and artificial intelligence ( Do not forget to check for updates at the website of the Torralba Society projects (

Landscape Archaeology

The paper “Assessing natural vs anthropogenic horizons through deposit modelling strategies at the Medieval Site of Santa Margarida (Martorell, Barcelona, Spain)” has just appeared at the Geoarchaeology journal ( It analyses the ancient landscape at the Priory of Rocafort (Martorell) from the geoarchaeological survey carried out at this site. Other papers in this line have been published as well related to the research developed at the Upper Arlanza Basin, about the production areas and landscape archaeology.

Pottery and productive processes

Finally, the research line on pottery and production processes has new indexed publications about the typological classification of vessels ( and other cases of study more specifics about the pottery found at the site of Revenga (Burgos, Spain) ( within the GREYWARE project.

We hope you to find them useful!