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Travé Allepuz, Esther

Travé Allepuz, Esther

Universitat de Barcelonaé 

PhD in Medieval History at the University of Barcelona, my research field is the production and distribution of medieval coarsewares in medieval and postmedieval ages. I was trained in Ceramic Petrograpgy at the University of Sheffield in 2008 and in XRF and XRD techniques at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UCL) since 2012 to 2014. I have been coordinator of the archeological preventive fieldwork at Castell de Penyafort (Barcelona) and Sant Llorenç de la Sanabra. I teach at the University of Barcelona since 2015, and I currently am co-director of the archaeological research project developed at the Site of Santa Margarida (Martorell), and member of the Research Team working at the Iberian and Medieval Settlement of L’Esquerda. My most recent research has been devoted to the analyses of early medieval peopling processes at the Upper Arlanza Basin (Burgos, Spain) through the analysis of ceramic materials.


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Travé, E.; López, M. D.; Álvaro, K. (2017): “Nuevas aportaciones sobre el alfar de Cabrera d’Anoia y sus productos: La distribución de cerámicas grises en la comarca del Anoia (Barcelona)”, Proceedings of the XI Congress AIECM3 on Medieval and Modern Period Mediterranean Ceramics, Turkey, 241-245

Travé, E. (2017): “Los hornos medievales y la cerámica negra”. Actas del XIX Congreso de la Asociación de Ceramología. Obra negra y alfarería de cocina. Quart: Asociación de Ceramología / Ajuntament de Quart / Museu de la Terrissa de Quart / Associació de Terrissaires de Quart, 123-147.

Travé, E.; Quinn, P. S.; López, M. D. (2016): “To the vicinity and beyond! Production, distribution and trade of cooking greywares in Medieval Catalonia, Spain”. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 8/4: 763-778.

TRAVÉ, E.; QUINN, P. S.; LÓPEZ, M. D.; PADILLA, J. I. (2014): “One hundred sherds of grey: Compositional and Technological Characterization of Medieval Greyware Pottery Production at Cabrera D’Anoia, Catalonia, Spain”, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 6: 397-410.