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Pratdesaba i Sala, Albert

Pratdesaba i Sala, Albert

Museu Arqueològic de l’Esquerda 

Graduate in History (2008), MSc in Archeology (2010) and PhD in Medieval History (2016) at the University of Barcelona. Since 2009, he has been director of several archaeological fieldworks as a freelance archaeologist throughout the Catalan territory. He currently works as a technician at the Archaeological Museum of L’Esquerda and as an archaeologist and researcher in medieval history. His main interests are defensive architecture, especially during the medieval period. Within his PhD dissertation he studied the fortification phenomena during the early middle age in the Osona region, focusing on the case of Roda Civitas, which is the current site of L’Esquerda (Roda de Ter, Osona). According with his research interests, he has been co-director of the archaeological fieldwork at the Castell de Falgars site (Beuda, La Garrotxa) and he currently is co-director of the archaeological project of the Torre de Campelles (Campelles, Ripollès).


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